Current NOTD and why I’ve slowed down posting.

Hi there everyone!  I have a few things to talk about in my post today so bear with me.  Yesterday I decided to change out my manicure and put on a new China Glaze nail polish from their spring 2017 collection.  This color is SO beautiful!  Awesome formula and perfect for spring.  The color is called “Too Much of a Good Fling.”  Isn’t the name cute?  I’ll go ahead and post my pictures below.
china_glaze_too_much_of_a_good_fling_1As you can see, my nails are round in these pictures.  My nails have been super brittle and breaking very easy.  It’s super depressing to not be able to hold a consistent nail shape for a long time.  When I wear square nails, the corners chip…. When I wear pointy nails the tips chip, and when I wear round nails I really don’t care for how they look on me.  SO last night I decided to do something that was super painful.  I made my nailbeds shorter by pushing the skin back under my nails and filing them square.  Once they grow out a bit more and heal I’ll change my mani, but that’s going to be a while.  This is the shortest my nails have EVER been.  Take a look down below to see what I mean.
Also, another reason why I’ve slowed down posting is I”m getting close the my limit on images here on my blog.  I’m going to have sit down in a few days and start deleting old posts to make more space… Or resize every single picture to a smaller file size (which I should be doing everytime anyways.)  It’ll be about 3 or 4 days before under my nails heal and I can put acetone on my nails without it hurting.  I’ll talk to you all until then!  Thanks for your time and support!


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