Pahlish The Life Aquatic Swatches and Review

*Press Samples*
Hi everyone!  You probably didn’t expect me back so soon did you?  Pahlish is releasing a gorgeous foil flake collection January 22nd at 7 PM Central inspired by The Life Aquatic Studio Sessions featuring Seu Jorge.  That album is a collection of David Bowie songs that Jorge recorded in Portuguese for The Life Aquatic soundtrack.  There are six polishes in this collection and they are SO stunning!  Let’s dive on into the pictures!

First up we have Team Zissou which is a turquoise foil flake.  I used two coats for these pictures.
pahlish_team_zissoupahlish_team_zissou_01Next up is Life on Mars.  This is described as a True copper foil flake.  Two easy coats plus topcoat for the pictures.
pahlish_life_on_marspahlish_life_on_mars_01Space Oddity is described as an iced violet foil flake.  I used two coats plus topcoat!
Rebel Rebel is described as a soft olive foil flake.  Again, two easy coats plus topcoat.
pahlish_rebel_rebel_01Lady Stardust is described as an amethyst purple foil flake.  Two coats plus topcoat makes this polish shine!!! I love this one!
And last but not least we have my absolute favorite in the collection!  Quicksand is described as a rose pink foil flake.  Two coats plus top coat for the pictures below.  This is the most perfect rose-gold ever you all!
pahlish_quicksandpahlish_quicksand_01There you have it!!! Isn’t this collection just magical?  I love the names…. The colors… This whole collection is just a win!  Shannon knocked it out of the park with these.  These will be available Sunday, January 22nd at 7 PM CST for $11 a bottle.  Be sure to check out Pahlish’s FB page to stay up to date on releases, and also don’t forget to check out their IG as well. Thanks so much for reading today and I’ll talk to you all soon!


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