Chevrons and Roses nails of the day!

Hi there everyone!!  I got inspired the other day to try out some rose nail-art after watching YouTube videos.  I’m always intimidated by roses.  There’s always so much detail in them!  I also wanted to play with my nail vinyls which seem to be accumulating everyday lol.  I have a serious addiction to nail vinyls!  Anyway, for this nail-art I used a base of China Glaze Change Your Altitude with Pahlish Lovers and Madmen on top.  For the roses I used various acrylic paints and my Winstonia Berry Wine nail-art brushes.  On to the pictures!
chevron_rose_manichevron_rose_mani_01My roses are anything but perfect… but that’s fine!  I like the sketchiness of them.  I really love how the pink and light gray came together.  They worked so well!  The nail vinyls I used are from  Thanks for reading tonight and have an awesome weekend!  Stay tuned for some cute hedgehog nail art coming up soon.


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