Pahlish “Out of Oz,” August Duo: The Second Task, and LE Charity Polish “The Boxcar Children”

Press Sample
Hi there everyone!  Happy hump day 🙂  I have a big, colorful post for you all today featuring some beautiful polishes by Pahlish.  All of these beauties will be releasing August 7th at 7 PM CST.   I’ve never read the “Out of Oz” series of books, but now I’m intrigued and will be going to my local library to check them out and read them.  On to the pictures!

First up we have “Yellow Brick Road.”  This polish is described as a  rich warm yellow with metallic silver flakes and a strong scattered holographic finish.  I used two coats for the photos below.  I love this polish, and it had me singing the song from the “Wizard of OZ” follow the yellow brick road.
Next up is “Dorothy Gale.”  This polish is described as a bright blue cream with a mix of blue and gold flakes with soft blue-gold shimmer.  I used two easy coats for this polish.  Such a gorgeous blue!
Next up is “Munchkinland.” This polish is described as a warm ivory white with copper flakes and copper shimmer.  I used two coats for my pictures.  This one was definitely one of my favorites!


“Elphaba Lives!” is described as a soft minty green cream with green shimmer and teal ultrachrome flakes.  I used two coats for this beautiful green polish.  Is it wrong of me to want icecream after looking at the pictures of this polish? LOL!
“My Sister’s Shoes” is described as a  rich metallic silver with blue shimmer and a strong scattered holographic finish.  I used 3 coats for the photos below.  This is most certainly a beautifully unique polish from Shannon and I love it!
“Blood and Rubies” is described as a rich violet red jelly with a mix of copper, gold, and violet-blue flakes.  I used two coats for the pictures below.  I just love shades like this, and with fall coming up, I can picture wearing it a lot!
“Saint Glinda” is described as a smokey violet with a mix of violet-pink and red shimmers with red ultrachrome flakes and a strong scattered holographic finish. I used two coats for the pictures below.  This. Polish. Is. Amazing.  Seriously guys, if you get any polish from this collection, make sure it’s this one!  I have nothing like this in my collection of nail polish.
“Lurline” is described as a soft iris purple with violet-pink flakes and a strong scattered holographic finish.  Another favorite of mine from this collection.  You can never have too many purples, amirite? I used three coats for opacity.
Next up we have the August Duo “The Second Task.”  I am in LOVE with this Duo.  The blue is SO amazingly bold and bright!
“Ponder This” is described as a ultramarine blue cream.
“Golden Egg” is described as a topcoat with a mix of metallic gold flakes, golden ultrachrome flakes, blue shimmer, and blue iridescent glitters.
I used one coat over “Ponder This.”
And, here’s some nail art I done over the duo 🙂
Last but not least we have the LE Charity polish for August “The Boxcar Children.”  $2 from each bottle sold will go to “Reading is Fundamental”  This polish is described as a raspberry red jelly with metallic silver flakes, violet-blue shimmers and a strong scattered holographic finish.  I’m a sucker for pinks/reds and this polish is no exception!  I also love the fact it’s a charity dedicated to helping children obtain books.
Pahlish_The_Boxcar_Children_03And there you have it!  I hope you enjoyed today’s post.  I would have done a lot more nail art, but I’m recovering from a stomach bug.  Be sure to mark your calendars or set your alarms for this beautiful collection releasing on Sunday at 7 PM CST.  Make sure to check out Pahlish’s Facebook page to stay up to date on collection releases, and check out their website to see what they currently  have available!  Check out Ida Rose’s blog post on this collection (she does an amazing job with her swatches.)


2 thoughts on “Pahlish “Out of Oz,” August Duo: The Second Task, and LE Charity Polish “The Boxcar Children”

  1. HI: Love your web blog and love the polishes: my favs are Dorothy Gale, blood and rubies, lurline and second task. Question does Ponder This prevent staining of the nails and how many base coats do you use for each dark color polish? Plus, love the nail art. Will keep following your web blog. Great job. George./McHuggs

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