Cute Floral nails of the day!

I’m back!!!  Guys, my  head is reeling with so much nail art going through it that I had to take off my current mani and hurry and put on what I was thinking about before I forgot what I wanted to do.  Did any of that make sense?  Anyways, I wanted to do some tiny coral/peachy flowers, and some brown dots around them.  I’m really pleased with how this turned out!  The China Glaze is “Pack Lightly” from their 2015 spring colleciton, the color on my ring finger is “Turtledoves” by Powder Perfect and acrylic paints for the flowers and dots.



Thanks for reading!  I think I need some sort of notebook/planner to jot down my ideas I have so I don’t forget them.  Talk to you all soon!


17 thoughts on “Cute Floral nails of the day!

      • Wow! That’s amazing!
        I have a hard enough time just putting on a coat of nail polish! Lol. I used to be such a nail person, and then I started working in the garden and…w ell, I didn’t have much nail left! But then, today, I featured a Supernatural nail polish collection on my blog and it’s just sparkled my motivation to get back into it! 🙂

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