Essie Summer 2016 partial Swatches!

Hi there everyone!  Lately I’ve been loving the collections that Essie has been coming out with.  After I saw swatches of “Loot the Booty” and “Viva Antigua” I just knew I had to have them in my collection.  They definitely didn’t disappoint 🙂  I’m way too anxious to do some pretty nail art with them.  Check out the beautiful shimmers down below!  Also, what do ya think of my nail shape?  I just had to have a change and I think I really like this shape a lot.
First up is “Loot the Booty.”  How adorable is that name?
Essie_loot_the_booty Essie_loot_the_booty1
And next, is “Viva Antigua.”  Such a gorgeous color!
Essie_Viva_antigua Essie_Viva_antigua1So, which was your favorite?  I think “Loot the Booty” is my #1 favorite out of the whole collection.  I’m a sucker for blues, and teals, and blue/greens… LOL I have a problem.  Thanks for reading today and I’ll talk to you all soon!


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