Powder Perfect Mattificent Top Coat review!

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Hi there everyone!  Powder Perfect sent me some nail care items to review, and this top coat was included in the package.  I normally don’t use matte top coats for my manicures, mainly because I do a lot of stamping and the couple of matte top coats I own smears all of my work.  This top coat is the exception though!!!!  Not only did this matte top coat NOT smear my work, it also dried fast as well!  I really love the finish of it too.  Below I’ll show this top coat versus Sally Hansen Big Matte Top Coat versus WNW Matte top coat.




For the base color I used “Cinder Soot” from their Palace Collection.  Far left is “Mattificent Top Coat,” middle is Sally Hansen “Big Matte Top Coat,” and the far right is Wet n Wild “Matte Top Coat.”  My first impression of this one compared to the other two is how fast it dried!  The formula was thick but not in a bad way.  The finish was completely matte (which I love.)  The other thing that made me so giddy and happy was that this formula didn’t ruin my nail art.  The worst feeling is doing nail art for a couple of hours and then applying the top coat only to realize it smeared your work.  Unfortunately for the other two matte top coats I mentioned they smear my nail art every time.  They’re fine for mattifying a single color of polish, but once they hit the stamping polish it smears everywhere.  Sally Hansen’s matte top coat isn’t completely matte (to me anyways) but Wet n Wild’s is if you use two coats.   Whew!  Okay, after all of that talking, I just have to say I highly recommend this top coat.  It dries fast, completely matte, and doesn’t smear my nail art.  Below I done some nail art and you can see a good picture of how it performs over a cream color.

For the middle and ring finger base color I used “Turtledoves” from Powder Perfect’s “Palace Collection,” and for the blue I used Essie “Make Some Noise.”  I used a dotting tool for the dots and for the stamping I used QGirl-022.  Thanks for reading today, and I hope I didn’t bore you to death lol.  Talk to you all soon!

Oh, and this will be releasing April 28th in the US at 7 P.M. Eastern Time for $11 USD

and on April 29th in Australia at 10 A.M. QLD Time for $10.50 AUD

Don’t forget to check out their Facebook page!!!


6 thoughts on “Powder Perfect Mattificent Top Coat review!

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  2. To never worry about your nail art smearing, apply one layer of gloss topcoat that doesn’t smear and then put your matte topcoat on. Works like a charm every time.

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