Born Pretty Store “Nail Stencil” Review!!

Provided For Review

Hi everyone!  Born Pretty Store sent me some Nail Stencils to review and I just love how easy they were to work with!  I got sent the set with the Zebra stripes and the Squiggly lines.  All  you do is place them on top of your base coat, and then either sponge or paint on the second color on top of the stencil while on your nails.  Once your done, just peel them off to reveal your design!  I would recommend doing one nail at a time, and while the second coat of polish you painted on top is still wet, peeling it off.

For the base coat I used OPI “I Cannoli Wear OPI,” Essie “Vibrant Vibes,” and “All Access Pass.”  I ordered the entire Essie “Make Some Noise” collection off of Ebay and they’re all sooo pretty!  Anyways, on to the pictures!




If you’re interested in purchasing their Nail Stencils you can buy them here.  As always, don’t forget to use my 10% off discount code below if you do end up purchasing something from them!  Thanks for reading everyone, and talk to you all soon!



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