Born Pretty Store Stamper head review!

Press Sample
Hi everyone!  I have a fun review for you all today.  Born Pretty Store sent me a couple of stamper heads to show you guys and boy do they perform!  I wanted to test them for a few weeks to give my honest opinion on them.

First up, I want to talk about the round dark gray stamper head.  It’s very sticky and squishy.  I did prime this one before I used it.  It had a shiny film on top of it so I used my Mr. Clean magic eraser to buff that off.  Then, I used acetone to clean off the residue.  This stamper is amazing!!!  To get a perfect stamp you roll instead of pressing down. The measurement of this stamper head is 2.2cm.  As you can tell, there are no bald spots and all of the lines showed up perfectly.  If you want to purchase this stamper head you can get it herestamperhead3

The second stamper head I want to talk about is the rectangular blue one.  This one isn’t as squishy or sticky.  I didn’t prime it just to show you that it’s not really necessary.  The measurements of this one is 2.8cm by 1.8 cm.  I can’t  believe how awesome this one worked!!!  If you want to purchase this stamper head you can get it here.

Born Pretty Store continues to impress me with their stamping items.  They’re all high quality and very affordable!  I have a coupon code down below  for 10% off if you’re interested in purchasing some nail art items from their website.


I also done a YouTube video if you’re interested in seeing the stamper heads in action.


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