Sinful Colors “A Class Act” Swatches (Partial)

Hi everyone! I picked up some Sinful Colors polishes about a week ago and decided to swatch them real quick for you guys today.  All the colors are Demi-matte and the finish really reminds me of Zoya’s Satin polishes.

First up we have Sinful Colors RADiant. I put on two coats and my nail line was so visible, so I decided to put on one more.  It’s definitely a vibrant fushia crelly polish!  I love it!

Next up is Hazed.  This is such a gorgeous color!!!  It’s a darker purple crelly and again, I used 3 coats because it was pretty sheer with 2.
And lastly, we have Truth or LavenDare. It’s a gorgeous pastel lavender polish, but while this polish is pretty, it made my ridges in my nails show up.  I used two thick coats to reach the opacity shown in the picture.  Also I’d like to mention all of my pictures were taken in sunlight.  My husband is going to be building me a lightbox so I can take better photographs.


Thanks for reading everyone!!!


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