I love tea nail art!!! Featuring Qgirl-020 from Born Pretty Store!

Wow… That was a long title! Hi everyone!  I have a fun nail art look for you guys featuring a stamping plate that Born Pretty Store sent me for review.  Every single plate from the Q Girl series that I’ve used works amazing, and all of the images on this plate work awesome for making your own decals.  I already have plans on using this plate on my birthday and on my husband and I’s anniversary.  Let’s take a look at the plate itself.


Aren’t those images adorable?  As soon as I saw the coffee cups and the tea mug I knew what I was going to do.  Now let’s look at what I came up with!


I just love this manicure!!! For the base I used Essie’s “Hubby for Dessert” and sandwiched Pahlish “String of Violets.” Then I made the decals and placed them on my nails.  I hand painted the letter I.  Do you like tea?? Or do you prefer coffee?

If you’re interested in purchasing you can get it here.  Also, Born Pretty Store has an Amazon store if you’re interested in buying off of there. If you spend $10 you get free shipping. Here’s the link to the Amazon store.   Don’t forget, I have a 10% coupon code below!  Thanks for reading today guys!



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