Nail Polish and Stamping plate haul!

Hey everyone!  So, I finally got my new plates from Born Pretty Store!  They are so cute and REALLY well etched!  I bought four Ya Qin An plates, a Qgirl-036 plate, and QA97 plate.  I’m also going to show stamping swatches to show you how well they perform!  I also purchased a dotting tool from there as well. Here’s the plates!

DSC02199 DSC02200 DSC02201 DSC02202 DSC02203

I also have some swatches from the plates!

DSC02207 DSC02208 DSC02209

Oh and I almost forgot!!!! I got some new nail polishes as well!
2707704 thumb (1) thumb

I got the Wet N Wilds for a really good deal! .75 cents each!  I can’t wait to play with my new polishes and plates!! Do you have any nail mail on the way?


4 thoughts on “Nail Polish and Stamping plate haul!

    • Yeah I have no idea lol!!! I guess you would have to attempt to shrink the image to see if you could fit it onto your nail or have ridiculously long nails 🙂 And I was shocked I got the WnW polishes for so cheap especially the red one ;D

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