SinfulColors “Horizon Shine” swatch!

Hey everyone!  I know, I know… I’m making tons of posts, but I’ve been buying polish like crazy and want to share the ones that stand out to me with you.  So, I went to Kmart and found a ton of new displays from SinfulColors for 2015.  A lot of them had polishes that are core colors, and some new colors in the mix.  Today’s polish is one of those polishes that I had never seen before.  I present to you SinfulColors “Horizon Shine.”  The best way to describe this polish is as a tomato red glitter topper.  Whew, that was a mouthful.  Anyways, on to the swatch!!!


Horizon Shine on top of Essie’s Really Red.

I put Essie’s “Really Red” as the base, and SinfulColors “Horizon Shine” as a glitter topper.  I wouldn’t recommend wearing Horizon Shine by itself as it takes FOREVER to dry.  I only used one coat for this look and it still took some time before I could stamp over it.  For the stamping I used Konad Square Image plate 01.  What do you think of this polish? Thanks for reading!!! Also, stay tuned, I have a few giveaways coming up!


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