Pet’la plate “Seven Sins” Review

Howdy everyone!! Today I have a exciting review for you! Petra from Pet’la plate generously sent me a stamping plate for testing out and here is my verdict.
The plate is absolutely gorgeous to start off with.  Her plates are made of brass which make them look like gold.  The images are also very deeply etched which is super nice.  Here’s a picture of the plate:

Isn’t it pretty? There are some unique images on here for sure, like the mirrors, or the snakes and guns. My favorite image by far has to be the horses though, they’re so beautiful and majestic! This also leads me to the one con on the plate.. the horses are VERY finicky. It took me multiple tries to get them to pick up correctly, and even when they did pick up pretty well, they still kind of smudged. I had no other issues with the plate. I find that images with open spaces tend to be troublesome so far so I wasn’t surprised on this one.  The next picture is swatches of all of the images on the plate.

All of the images except for the horses picked up well.  I did do a manicure with the horses and found that my Color club Halo Hue polish in “Eternal Beauty” worked well for the image transfer.  Here’s how it looks:

This plate is by far the most unique plate that I have ever used/seen. I will be making a future purchase from her site for a few more that I am really interested in. What do you think of this plate? What kind of manicures would you do with it?  Thanks for reading this lengthy post and have a great day!!!


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