Fun floral nail art featuring Essie “Go Go Geisha” fall 2016 collection!

Hi there everyone!  It feels like forever since I’ve posted a manicure.  I’ve been sick and busy at the same time and just completely drained at the end of the day.  Also, I’ve been trying to give my nails a break to let them grow out… I had a really bad break on my pointer finger.  Yeah yeah I know, excuses.  But they’re all true!  Anywho, I done a lot of damage last week spending wise.  I bought a ton of polishes and nailart supplies and the Essie Fall 2016 collection was among some of those things.  As soon as I saw the theme of the polishes, I knew I had to have them.  All of the colors coordinate so well and are absolutely perfect for fall.  Enough jibber jabbering, on to the pictures!
If my hand pose looks awkward in these pictures… then I apologize!  Today is the first day I’ve picked up a polish bottle in a week… let alone a nail art brush.  Also, look over my short lil nails lol.  I had to file them substantially to get them all even.  They’ll eventually grow back out to a suitable length that I’m happy with.  Stay tuned for a huge Essie polish giveaway that I’m having soon as well!  There will be 2 winners that will win 6 polishes a piece. Thanks for reading today, and I’ll talk to you all soon!  I promise!

Neutral Flower manicure featuring ILNP Manor House!

Hi there everyone!  I decided to put on an ILNP that’s been collecting dust ever since I bought it.  It’s so gorgeous!  Manor House is a Cool Neutral taupe/tan shade.  This shade is considered a jelly formula based off of ILNP’s website, and I would definitely have to agree.  It took 4 generous coats to build up the opacity so my nail line didn’t show.  I don’t mind doing four coats, since the polish dries relatively fast.  On to the pictures!
ilnp_manor_house_3Overall I’m pretty pleased with this nail art… I’m always very critical of my free hand nail art, and I almost didn’t post this because I feel like the lines are too thick for everything.  In due time though I’m sure I’ll be happy with how my creations turn out.  Thanks for reading today and I’ll talk to you all soon!

Nails of the day- Striping Tape fun!

Hi there everyone!  Long time no see!  I’ve been busy with college and my kids lately, so I haven’t had as much time to post.  I decided to pull out some of my ILNP lacquers and play with them last night, and I just love the result!  I used Shoreline, and Clockwork for this braided looking manicure.  I think I might do this look again, but with a gradient over it… Wouldn’t that look cool?  Or maybe some peek-a-boo stamping underneath.
ilnp_fishtail_maniHere’s a Sunlight shot!!🙂
What do you think of this look?  I need to find a Youtube video so I can link how to achieve this for you all.  Thank you so much for reading today, and I’ll talk to you guys soon!!!🙂

Pahlish “Ode to Fall,” September Duo, and LE Charity polish review and Swatches!

Press Sample

Hi there everyone!  Happy Friday and weekend!  I have some pretty fall inspired polishes by Pahlish to share with you all today.  These will be releasing September 11th at 7 PM CST.  Let’s dive on into the pictures and overall thoughts of each polish, shall we?

Cinnamon Apples is described as a burnt apple red jelly with a mix of ultrachrome flakes and shimmers in purple, green, and gold.  I used two thick coats for the pictures below.
Cozy Sweater is described as a royal purple jelly with a mix of ultrachrome flakes, iridescent glitters, and violet shimmers with soft holographic shimmer.  I just love, love, love this polish!!!  I’m such a sucker for purples/blues!  I used 2 easy coats for the photos.
Pumpkin Patch is described as an espresso jelly with a mix of orange iridescent glitters and a scattered holographic finish.  This polish is so unique, and squishy!  I used two thick coats for the pictures below.
Next is Hoodies, Leaves, & S’mores which is described as a blackened olive jelly with a mix of iridescent glitters, ultrachrome flakes, and violet-pink shimmer.  Another unique shade that’s super squishy!  I used two coats.
El Topo Petit is described as a milk chocolate cream with red metallic flakes.  I’m a sucker for neutral polishes, and this one is most certainly a perfect neutral fall shade.  The formula was on the thicker side but not in a bad way.  I used two coats for the pictures below.
Next we have the September Duo: Something Vague.
Breath in the Air is described as a violet-gray creme.  Such a flattering shade!  I used two coats for the picture below.
Next is the topper Hang Like a Star which has ultrachrome flakes, holographic shimmer, and violet-purple shimmer.  Such a beautiful combination of glitters and the right touch of holo!  I used one coat over Breath in the Air.
And lastly, but not least, we have the LE Monthly Charity polish Valve House.  This polish is described as a charcoal grey scattered holographic with purple and orange iridescent glitters and bright purple shimmer and $2 from every bottle sold will go to  I am absolutely in love with this polish!  I used two thick coats for the pictures below.
pahlish_valve_house_03Overall these polishes are perfect for falltime and the season.  My picks would definitely be Cinnamon Apples, Pumpkin Patch, Cozy Sweater, and Valve House.  Check out some nail art down below that I done using some of the shades!
Be sure to check out Pahlishes website on Sunday at 7 PM Central if you’re interested in any of these shades.  Stay tuned to their Facebook as they often have giveaways at the beginning of their new releases as well.  Thanks for reading today and talk to you all soon!

Double stamping featuring Picture Polish “Meow”

Hi everyone!  Happy Friday🙂  I bought a couple of Picture Polishes over a week ago and I decided to try one of them out.  This brand is seriously growing on me and I can foresee that I’m going to be buying a whole lot more of them.  For the stamping I used MoYou London Origami stamping plate #10.  On to the pictures!
There you have it!  Stay tuned for more nail art within the next few days.  Talk to you all soon!

Powder Perfect “Egyptology part III” swatches and review

Hi there everyone!  I’ve got a large, colorful, and glitter filled post for you all today!  Powder Perfect is releasing 10 beautiful shades of polish inspired by Egypt Mythology.  Be sure to stay tuned to the end for some fun nail art that I done with these gorgeous polishes.  I do also want to mention that when these polishes dry down, they do have a gritty texture.  Once you put on top coat, that smooths everything out.

Notes from the maker: “This collection features a unique hybrid holo formula that we call holo-twist!  Enjoy a fine microglitter polish crossed with a holographic lacquer for a smooth, but sparkly finish!  Each shade can be purchased individually for $13 AUD/USD or as a collection, saving 10%.”
On to the first shade, which is called “Ra.”  “Ra” was inspired by the Ancient Egyptian sun god and is a silver based holo-twist lacquer with a golden hue.”  Such a pretty golden polish!  I used three coats for opacity and quick dry top coat.
Next up we have “Mother Goddess.”  “Mother Goddess” is named after the goddess Isis, whose parents were the sky and the earth.  This pale blue polish was inspired by tears Isis cried for her murdered husband, Osiris.  In antiquity, these tears were believed to be the cause of the Nile flooding every year.  This is such a gorgeous blue color, and I think it would flatter any skintone!  I used two coats for this picture.
“Osiris” was the god of the afterlife, often being portrayed as being mummified, with green skin.  Inspired by the eerie green color of his skin, our holo-twist polish is emerald green with microglitters in various shades.  I just love this shade of green, it’s so perfect!  I used two coats for opacity.
“Hathor” is a juicy hot pink lacquer designed to represent the very feminine goddess.  “Hathor” has small sparkling microglitters and coral flakies within a holographic base.  I’m a sucker for pinks and this one is everything!  I used two coats to reach opacity.
“Horus” the son of Isis and Osiris was often drawn as a falcon, or with the head of a falcon placed on a mans body.  “Horus” is a dark maroon varnish with flickering red glitters and holographic particles.”  Another beauty in this collection.  I used two coats for opacity.
“Divine Pharaoh”- For some time in Egypt’s history Pharaoh’s were considered gods in their own right.  This lavish glittering silver polish has a green reflect, with metallic copper and gold glitters representing pharaoh’s and all their riches.  I used 3 thick coats for opacity.
“Heka” means magic in ancient Egyptian and also refers to the god of magic.  “Heka” is a deep purple holo-twist with purple and ultra holo glitters.  This polish is Everything!  I love it so much!  I used two coats for this stunner.
“Scarab” beetles were revered in ancient Egypt and were often wore as amulets or placed tombs; engraved with verses from the Book of the Dead.  Scarab is a darkened teal polish with shades of blue glitter and a holographic sparkle.  I used two easy coats for this gorgeous polish.
Powder_Perfect_Scarab_2“Saqqara” is a large necropolis in ancient Egypt which is home to the famous Djoser pyramid, build in the step style.  Archaeologists have extensively debated over the meaning behind the architectural styles of the different pyramids. “Saqqara” is a sunset orange polish filled with gold and silver ultra-holo glitters in a holographic base.  I used 2 coats and quick dry top coat to to give this polish a glossy shine.
“Weighing the Heart” refers to the ancient Egyptians belief that one’s heart was weighed against the feather of truth in order to gain entry to the afterlife.  “Weighing the Heart” is a pale pink holo-twist with orange flecks and metallic holographic glitters.  I used two easy coats, and then topped with Seche Vite quick dry top coat.
Powder_Perfect_Weighing_the_heart_2And now some pretty pictures of nail art with some of these polishes!!!
For this nail art I used a base of Divine Pharaoh, and then done a gradient over snake vinyls with Mother Goddess and Horus.
For this manicure I used Saqqara as a base, and then painted on flowers and dots with acrylic paints.Powder_Perfect_Nailart_02For this nail art, I started with a black base.  I then sponged on a random white polish in the centers and toward the edges with a makeup sponge that way the colors I chose would pop.  I first sponged on Horus on the white and blended it toward the black and white, and then I dabbed Hathor on top of that and blended it into the black and white.  Once those were dry I sponged Mother Goddess over top of the edges and faded it into Hathor and Horus.  For the stamping I used Bundle Monster BM-S306 Festival stamping plate and Born Pretty Store White stamping polish.
Powder_Perfect_Galazy_maniHere’s a sunlight shot of my galaxy manicure!!  I was going to paint stars on top but the glitters are so pretty and sparkly that I figured they resembled stars pretty well.
Let me just say this collection is Amazing!  All of the polishes are unique in their own ways.  My picks out of them all would be Heka, Osiris, and Weighing the Heart.  This collection releases August 26th for $13 a bottle AUD/USD or $117 for the whole set which is a savings of 10%.  Be sure to check out their store and their Facebook page to stay up to date on upcoming collections.  Thank you all so much for your time and I’ll talk to you all soon!

ABC Challenge: P is for Purple!

Hi everyone!  I’m a day behind on my ABC post, but I got a beautiful purple polish to share with you all today!  I placed an ILNP order for the few summer shades I was interested in, and Storytelling was one of them.  This color is so gorgeous and magical.  I definitely can see how they came up with the name for this one.  Purple and blue are my top two picks for nail polishes.  On to the pictures!
So, isn’t that polish a stunner or what?  I used star vinyl chains from Upyournail’s website.  For the rose-gold I used China Glaze “Meet me in the Mirage.”  Thanks for reading today and I’ll see you all soon! Don’t forget to click the InLinkz link below to see what everyone else came up with for this weeks challenge letter🙂